FTCh Stanedge Bracken

Stanedge Bracken arrived in Donegal as a result of a swap with Daryl Edwards.  Daryl had wanted to have a daughter of Gardenfield Warrior and he had been telling me about the head-case that was Bracken (or Ted to his friends!).  Ted could be relied up to disappear for hours on end when released on a moor – not something dog handlers are too keen on.  Daryl also had 2 other brothers and he felt he could do without the headache that was Ted.  So Gortinreagh Abbie went to live in Yorkshire and Stanedge Bracken moved to Donegal.  His freedom was immediately stopped and an intensive bit of work that Spring and early Summer meant that I had a dog I could at least rely on to stay with me when I let him go.

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