FTCh Gortinreagh Flyer

Flyer producing grouse in the North of England, July 2013.

 Gortinreagh Flyer – an ESB (IntFTCh Ballyellen Cody x Gortinreagh Clover) born on 17th March, 2012 made a very successful debut in the summer of 2013 in the Puppy and Novice Stakes in England and Scotland.  In her first run in the GB Puppy Derby she survived into round 2 when she was a little bit intimidated by her much larger pointer brace-mate.

However every outing saw her grow in confidence and by the time she ran in her 3rd stake on the Gordon Flats on the famous Glenlivet estate, she was really putting it all together and she ran 2 beautiful rounds finishing with a lovely find on a covey of young grouse, which were rather reluctant to venture into the air on what was a rather windy day.  However, despite the provocation of these tucked in young birds, she behaved impeccably and produced them beautifully.  She was declared winner at the end of the stake.

Flyer awaiting her turn in her first trial with the judge Alan Neill.
Flyer awaiting her turn in her first trial with the judge Alan Neill.

At the next Trial, the Pointer Club of Scotland’s Novice Stake she ran a lovely first round with a very nice find.  Unfortunately the beat she was presented with in Round 2 was one which the gallery had walked through and she was rather reluctant tor run over the soiled ground to the left.  This detracted from her pattern and the judges were only able to award 2 Certificates of Merit at the end of the Trial, one of which went to Flyer.

At Cawdor estate 2 days later at the Northern Counties Setter and Pointer Society Trial, she again ran really well and had a super find in Round 1.  She set about the moor with gusto in Round 2 but spoiled her chances with a rather uncharacteristic tilt at a passing lark!


Her final run on the 2013 Scottish circuit came at the North of Scotland Gundog Association Trial at Tillypronie Estate.  She had a super run in round 1 culminating with a find on a running cock which she stuck with and produced with the craft associated with a much older dog.  A clean run in Round 2 again secured her the win.


2014 has seen Fly achieve her UK title during the Autumn, when she has won 3 Open Stakes in quick succession and been runner-up in 2 more and had a 3rd and 4th placing as well.

DateAwardStakeClub Judges
02.08.131stPuppyScottish Gundog Association
A Neill
E Osborne
05.08.13CoMNovicePointer Club of Scotland
N Smith
J Hadley
09.08.131stPuppyNorth of Scotland Gundog Association
W Young
J Hadley
26.03.14CoMOpenScottish Gundog Association
S Robinson
D O’Neill
07.08.143rdOpenNorth of Scotland Gundog Association
P O’Driscoll
J Naylor
16.08.142ndOpenN I Pointer Club
E Butler
R Monroe
14.09.142ndOpen Ulster Irish Red Setter Club
Murley Mt
S McCormack
D Linton
21.09.144th OpenStrabane & District S&P Club
M Houston
E Butler
27.09.141stOpenN I Pointer Club
Craig’s Moss, Glarryford
C Calvert
L Anderson
04.10.141stOpenStrabane & District S&P Club
C Browne
R Monroe
19.10.141stOpenStrabane & District S&P Club
D O’Rourke
R Simpson
25.03.151stOpenScottish Gundog Association
B Darragh
M Adams

Fly had a short competitive season in 2015 before moving to her new home in Sweden.  She came first in the Scottish Gundog Association Open Stake at Lochindorb in March, beating her aunt FTCh Ballyellen Cara and father IntFTCh Ballyellen Cody into second and third place respectively,  with Dom Goutorbe taking 2 Certificates of Merit in what was a very English Setter dominated trial.

Fly winning the SGA Spring Open at Lochindorb, 2015
Fly winning the SGA Spring Open at Lochindorb, 2015
PedigreeParentsGrandparents Great-Grandparents
b. 17.03.12Sletthallens Knock Out
Heegaards V Kody
Heegaards Q Randi Li
Ballyellen Cody
Ir FTCh Storeskars II Odin
Ballyellen Aoife
Ir FTCh Knocksmall Moose
Gardenfield Warrior
FTCh Stanedge Bracken
Lefanta Hale of Stanedge
Gortinreagh Clover
Lefanta Gift
Lefanta Kira
Ir FTCh Lefanta Page

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