Tullycroman Isla

Isla’s winning point – GSA

Spring 2015

Isla came to me when she had just turned 2 in the Spring of 2013.  She was bred by my good friend Paddy Peoples of Monaghan from strong Scandinavian blood and had gone to Scotland as a pup. 

b. April 2011Sletthallens Knock Out
Heegards V Kody
Heegaards Q Randi Li
Tullycroman Isla
Sletthallens Rebel
Castorrock C Jessie
Lefanta Niccoli

After a couple of owners I was asked to train her and I brought her home in May 2013 – worked really hard with her and was pleased to secure 2nd place in the International Gundog League Novice in mid-July.  Isla’s strength was her lethal nose and her total commitment to hunting and finding game.  She could find game anywhere – in any conditions.  She also had the ability to really fly over the heather.  Despite being small, she was strongly built and extremely powerful.  In her time away from Ireland, she had been given her head, or maybe it’s more accurate to say she took it!  She was used to heading out and hunting until she was exhausted – which didn’t happen for quite some time, so I understand she was very difficult for previous owners to pick up!  Because of all her hunting experience, she knew exactly what she was doing – but initially wanted to do it very much her own way! I enjoyed the challenge of training her. She became an excellent shooting partner and she repaid my efforts to train her with some lovely performances and perhaps most important of all, she gave me the Gortinreagh “J” litter in 2016 who have inherited her strengths along with those of their sire Gortinreagh Dave (FTCh Stanedge Bracken x Gortinreagh Blossom) and all by 2019 recorded trial wins.

Isla’s early training on grouse took place in Stanhope. With her excellent nose and desire to please, she was soon producing grouse like a professional as you can see in the pictures below.

27.07.132ndNoviceInternational Gundog League
A Neill
F Kirk
29.03.14CoMNoviceScottish Field Trials Association
E Bulter
L McAlister
04.08.143rdNovicePointer Club of Scotland
R MacNicol
J Kean
21.03.151stNoviceGordon Setter Association
F Kirk
N Ackerley-Kemp
26.03.151stNoviceScottish Gundog Association
B Darragh
M Adams
28.03.151stNoviceScottish Field Trials Association
R MacNicol
B Smith

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