Gortinreagh Clio

Gortinreagh Clio

Clio is a daughter of Lefanta Kira and Stanedge Bracken born in February 2007 and as such should be quite a fire-brand and this is the case.

Clio and her sister Clover took a back seat on the team when the Ballyellen trio arrived, which was not very fair on them and didn’t give the sisters a chance to show what they were capable of. Clio was the more headstrong of the two, but like her mother she ran with power and ease and made short work of the heaviest of terrain. She spent a season or two in the Glynlark kennel and picked up awards from a very few starts. She was always very exciting to watch and looking back, I regret not having given her a regular place on the team.

Date AwardStakeClubJudgesVenue
03.08.094thNovicePointer Club of ScotlandS Lound
L McAlister
28.07.111stNoviceInternational Gundog LeagueP O’Driscoll
L McAlister
07.08.14CoMOpenNorth of Scotland Gundog Assoc.P O’Driscoll
J Naylor
14.09.143rdOpenUlster Irish Red Setter ClubS McCormack
D Linton
Murley Mt
28.09.143rdOpenUlster Gundog LeagueM Houston
L Anderson
28.02.154thOpenN I Pointer ClubA Neill
G McRoberts

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