Gortinreagh Clover


Gortinreagh Clover is a sister of Clio and both are daughters of  Int FTCh Lefanta Kira and very much take after their mother in having petite bodies but huge hearts.  Clover made her debut at Tulchan Estate in the Highlands in

Clover covering the heather.

August 2008 when she was just a pup.  She took to trialling with a confidence and she really went for it in the 2 rounds of the competition.  She did not have an opportunity on game, but she drew huge applause from everyone with the energy and gusto with which she tackled this challenging hill and it was fitting that on her return to Tulchan in 2009 she Cloverrepeated the performance, this time with game and won the stake.

SONY DSCIt was particularly pleasing for me to have Mrs Eppie Buist in attendance that day.  Mrs Buist was at that point 98 years old and as keen on pointers and setters as ever.  She founded and developed the famous Fearn Kennel of Pointers which she continued to run with her good friend Jim Howden.  Originally she had also bred English setters too and she liked nothing better than seeing a new young dog come out.  She loved my Kira and took great pleasure in watching all her exploits through her career.  I can still remember the glee with which she witnessed Clover’s debut.  “Oh I can’t wait to tell everyone that we’re going to have the privilege of watching Kira run for many more years to come!”  she declared as the stake concluded.  Unfortunately that was the only time she was to see her as she passed away just over 6 weeks later, after a very long, eventful and joyous life.

Clover resumed her Field trialling career after a 3 year lay off in 2014 and quickly qualified at Tillypronie for the UK Champion Stake which was being run in the Scottish borders.

Clover finds her birds on Stanhope after a good run.

Clover finds her birds on Stanhope after a good run.

Rock solid on her birds.

Rock solid on her birds.

Clover was mated to IntFTCh Ballyellen Cody and on St Patrick’s Day 2012 she produced a litter of pocket dynamos like herself.  They would go on to become FTCh Gortinreagh Flyer, FTCh Gortinreagh Faith, Gortinreagh Flair and Gortinreagh Flake – all trial winners.

DateAwardStake ClubJudges
30.03.09CoMNovicePointer Club of Scotland
B Darragh
G Latham
07.08.091stNoviceNorthern Counties S&P Soc
W Young
D Hall
21.07.10CoMBreedEnglish Setter Club
R MacNicol
J Hadley
25.02.12CoMOpenN I Pointer Club
S McCormack
D J O’Neile
07.08.142ndOpenNorth of Scotland G A
P O’Driscoll
J Naylor

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