Gortinreagh Flair

Flair is another one of what has become a very successful “F” litter.  She really stood out as a puppy even among the good pups that were in that group.  I gave her to Bill Connolly.   She came back to me in 2014 to begin her trial career.

PedigreeParentsGrandparents Great-Grandparents
b. 17.03.12Sletthallens Knock Out
Heegaards V Kody
Heegaards Q Randi Li
Ballyellen Cody
Ir FTCh Storeskars II Odin
Ballyellen Aoife
Ir FTCh Knocksmall Moose
Gardenfield Warrior
FTCh Stanedge Bracken
Lefanta Hale of Stanedge
Gortinreagh Clover
Lefanta Gift
Lefanta Kira
Ir FTCh Lefanta Page

Summer 2015 is when she really began to shine.  She ran extremely well at the Pointer Club of Scotland’s Novice Stake winning it in style and 4 days later repeated the performance by winning at Glenlivet.

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