FTCh Gortinreagh Venus

Venus is a red setter bred from my FTCh Gortinreagh Clancy when mated to IntFTCh Glynlark Apollo.  She has the build of her maternal grandmother Rushfield Santa and runs more like her father than her mother.  She is naturally very flat and has always wanted to take long balanced casts.  She has the great game finding ability and the staunch set shared by both her parents.  She has a very mature and steady approach to game and can handle coveys very professionally.

Venus has just completed a good week in Scotland. She had 4 long runs in the Scottish Field Trial Association’s Puppy Stake in the Borders, but had no game. She took 3rd place in the Pointer Club of Scotland’s Novice Stake.  She had 3 long runs at Cawdor and no opportunity on game.  She ran well at the SGA Puppy Stake on the Gordon Flats having a find on  a covey fairly early on in her run and then some very nice ground work.  Another nice run in the second round secured the win for her with her kennel mate Ivory in second place. She had some very mature work in the Novice stake at Tillypronie to secure second place behind her older kennel mate Gortinreagh Gala.

On returning home, Venus ran in the Irish Derby Stake. She had 3 long runs when her pace was blistering and her beat very wide and even. She hunted methodically but didn’t meet game – only one grouse was encountered in the whole trial so she had no chance to secure the win.

My 2 puppy entries, 2015

My 2 puppy entries IRSB Gortinreagh Venus and ESB Gortinreagh Ivory, 2015

Her next outing was in the Northern Ireland Pointer Club Open Stake at Glenwherry on 20th September. She had a super run in Round One holding the forward cast on Hugh Brady’s IntFTCh Ballydavid Airforce.  After some lively running, she drew forward some distance and set.  She produced a covey when asked and cleared her ground effectively.  She was run on after the find and completed her run with more balanced quartering.  In the second round she put in some more textbook quartering and saw many of her competitors coming to grief on their game chances – throughout the day experienced dogs were missing birds, so scenting conditions were obviously difficult but I was really pleased with the quality of her work – particularly impressive was the distance she winded her birds from. It was very nice when she was declared winner of the stake.  She is still classified as a puppy as she doesn’t celebrate her second birthday until 21st October. It was also nice to have this win with her as a pup because I won an Open Stake with her mother Gortinreagh Clancy when she was 20 months and one with her grandmother Princess Nisha when she was just 18 months.

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